Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot My @$$

I'm sorry to post this photo here, but I am sorry if there's anyone who's just a bit creeped out by it. However, I am calling Shenanigans on this one. This just looks like a gorilla suit to me and I know a little something about gorilla suits. I'm thinking that the men that found the "corpse" of a Sasquatch in Northern Georgia are pulling a fast one on everyone here. Which is sad, because these a-holes are getting publicity for what looks to me is nothing. The men can't even seem to hold a decent press conference, which was then live blogged by a Bigfoot follower (and a very funny one at that, if you read lots of Bigfoot sighting blogs, of which I don't) and gave no further truth that this thing was even real. For the most part, these guys gave every conspiracy theorist out there a real mind screw and gave the skeptics a laugh. For that, I call Shenanigans on these goof balls and their giant monkey suit.

Besides we have other things to worry about here. I'm holding open auditions for President for The League of Savannah Bloggers as of today. I'm busy and Ivan feels if you don't live in Savannah, you can't be President. Hell, if Bush can be on the ranch for most of his term, anybody can be a President.

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