Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Got Nothin'...

Yep, nada. Zip. It's been a sort of all-i-wanna-do-is-just-stay-in-bed day. You've had one of those days, I'll wager. Which means I got nothing much to talk about today, which is good for some and surprising to others. I could talk about how inspiring the 30 minute Obama ad was to me. Or I could talk about how Led Zepplin is going back on tour and not with Robert Plant, which means David Coverdale can finally get that comeback he's been wanting. Swan Shadow is talking about zepplins, but I think the ones he's talking about are different.  Or how Robert Downey, Jr. has signed for two Iron Man sequels and The Real Avengers (cool!). I could talk about how Mark Evanier was supposed to call me, but he hasn't because he's too busy working on a bowl Creamy Tomato Soup. I've never really had tomato soup, ever. So I gues it must be pretty good. That, or he has a deadline to get the latest issue of The Spirit in to DC Comics, which I still read and love.

I could even show a cool clip from the original Alvin and The Chipmunka when Alvin was a real smart ass and not the watered down P.C. version we're stuck with now.

But other than that, I got nothing. I did though get something in the mail from Tina that Brad Meltzer wrote about Superman for USA Weekend. And Bob Ruggerio sent me a four CD box set of Philly Soul before it even hit the stores a few days ago, so thanks to them for those. But I got nothing today. Sorry.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Secret Word Is...

Okay, I'm going to post the first nine minutes and thirty seconds of a recent Family Guy episode here today called "I Dream of Jesus" for what maybe the most dastardly, diabolical song of all time. I just love singing the hell out of it whenever I'm in dialysis to drive those cranky assed old folks crazy. It's like that at my clinic.

Shout Out!

I don't know if you caught the mini contest I had in my post about Ron Howard supporting Obama recently. In the comments, I shouted "Opie Cunningham" then promised to shout out the first person who got it. It's from an SNL sketch featuring Howard and Eddie Murphy called "Black on Film" where Eddie's character Raheem Abdul Muhammed began shouting the name while getting ready to shave off Howard's mustache and wanted him to return to his simpler days instead of making trashy movies about White pimps. That would be the movie "Night Shift" where it may be the only time Shelly Long ever looked decent in lingerie. Nonetheless, it took a day, but the winner is F.O.O.S. Randy who also has his own wonderful blog and is also from the great state of Montana. Stop by and tell 'em I sent you. Congrats to you, Randy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Tell me something, folks. Just when did falling in love become quick fix?

I have no idea when it happened or how, but all of a sudden to me it seems that folks are hooking up and falling in and out of love like getting over a head cold and it's driving me nuts. People are starting to leave everything behind they know and hooking up with someone else just was quickly in ways that just don't feel right to me. Case in point: I know of someoe who is getting a divorce after seven years of marrige to run into the arms of another woman. The trick of it is he met her online and they have olny been talking for less than a month. He is even talking about moving near her since she is out of state so they can be closer to each other. When I asked him why is even contemplating this when he has only spent three very physical days wth this woman, he just looked atr me and said, "The heart wants what the heart wants".I almost kicked him square in the nuts for saying that.

Here's the reason for that. A few months ago, One of my best friends told me the same thing when he told me he was leaving his wife for another woman in the middle of a Chinese buffet. I nearly knocked him into the the moo shoo for saying it. I thought that my friend had a gret marrige and were a wonderful couple. I counted on them when my wife left me for another man for no real reason. When I found out that the honeymoon was over, I was devestated. I thought that when you wedded, it was for life under the eyes of whatever God ypou believe in. Once you break it off, at least I think, then the whole relationship was a lie that you lived out for no reason and you can't get the time lost back.

Maybe I'm jealous becasue somene is in a relationship and I'm not. It's just a pain when you hear that someone you know can play with hearts like a bad guitar solo and you're just trying to seek a normal realationship with at least someone who actually has a heart left.

Real Southern Comfort

There's a few things that make the South THE South. Good cooking, the ladies, great weather and that ol' Southern charm. But the biggest thing, at least here is Savannah, is what do you drink. Now there are the ones who love a good beer or a Jack and Coke. Then there's the others who prefer to sip on a nice sweet tea. Here in the South, we don't drink iced tea. We drink sweet tea and we like it. If you drink unsweeted, either you want to make it as sweet as you want it or a diabetic and that's that. So when I read in the loacal paper that there's a new beverage that combines vodka with our favorite pastime, I knew that I had to try Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

First let me say that I shouldn't be drinking in the first place due to my kidney problem, but when you work in a bar sometimes a little sip won't hurt you. Well, this stuff will hurt you. A fried brought in a bottle of Sweet Tea Vodka last week to Steed's after a trip to South Carolina (the distillery is right outside of Charleston) for his upcoming birthday party. He decided to give it (pardon) a shot and told Gina the bartender to make up a round for some of the folks in a bar. Now, there's am way to drink this that makes it dangerous. Simply mix one half of the drink with one half water and a twist of lemon and pour over ice and serve. That's all you do. Just over ice itself, one can taste the sweet tea, but get that vodka burn you feel afterwards. However if done them other way, you wouldn't even know that you have a drink with 70 proof vodka. We all smiled afterwards.

You could pour this drink in a McDonald's cup, go off to work after lunch and no one would know the wiser. It's the kind of drink that you couldm sit out on the front porch and sip on all day and almost anyone would know that you had a good vodka buzz going on. It was so good in fact, that another round was poured. Don't you judge me. That stuff was gooooood.

All I'm saying is if you really want to find out how The South really lives or you want to live like a Savannian, hunt down a bottle of this stuff, then sit back and relax and let the Southern charm just take you over. Just don't overdo it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Days!

If free Dr. Pepper didn't get you today, then here's something that will. Andy Taylor and The Fonz support Obama. I'll bet you'll never guess who I'm voting for now, huh?

"I've never done this before and I hope never to do it again, but I guess you could say I'm feeling pretty desperate these days," ... "So as a demonstration of my sincerity, this is for you America"  Ron Howard, 2008.

Ron Howard's brought them all back and Funny Or Die has the footage. 


Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Monkeys of all ages!

Guns 'N Roses news album "Chinese Democracy" will released November 23  and only at Best Buy stores. In other news, Hell has just put in an ice rink and I am finally dating. A woman.

Oh, and Dr. Pepper is giving everyone a free drink that day. Wow. I'll bet if Slash were still in the band, we'd all have free pizza, too.

Old Panther

THIS is bulls***.

I just read over at Swan Shadow's blog that Marvel Comics is getting rid of T'Challa, The Black Panther and updating the character with a female version.


First off, Marvel has done some interesting things with their superheroes in recent times, including ending Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane and killing Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. But this right here is bulls***. T'Challa was the first black superhero to ever be featured in a comic back in a 1964 of The Fantastic Four. But to change the character, even if it means that it maybe a female wearing the costume for a stupid crossover sales gimmick coming in January ("War of the Kings" or some crap like that) isn't worth it. The Panther just got married to Storm from The X-Men, for the love of Pesci! I am so dropping every Marvel comic I buy from my Wednesday pull list just for crap like that. Good work, House of "Ideas".

Also, what the **** is Wesley Snipes gonna do now when he gets out of jail?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy DVD, Batman!

Okay, this is gonna be kinda complicated here. It involves 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, a bunch of super heroes, a very small video company and me. Take a deep break 'cause here we go...
 You may have heard by now that Fox is suing Warner Brothers over the movie "Watchmen" which is scheduled to be released March 6th, 2009. Fox says it originally had the rights to the film, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and that Warner, Paramount and Legendary Pictures (all partners in the film) deny the fact. There's more details here thanks to The New York Times. Fox has stated that would stop the film ever being shown. I think there is a reason for that, along with many other fanboys, for this is what we do.
 Fox and Warner have been in battle for years over the home entertainment rights to a certain campy Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder. The reason being is because Warner owns DC Comics which in turn owns Batman and with the term "company synergy" being used to make a few bucks, The WB would like to make a few dollars from the show. However, Fox bought the rights to the character back in 1965 to make the show, way before Warner Brothers were even thinking that they would be buying a comic book company (Warner didn't buy DC until 1969). Since then, there's been some major bickering about the show being on VHS and now on DVD and who gets the rights. This has made it the most requested TV box set ever.

Here is where the little video company and I come int view. When I went to Dragon*Con in September, I did my best not to spend any money whatsoever. I couldn't. I sweated the whole time I went there, afraid to spend any money because I knew that I had to pay bills at home. I did my damned best not to buy anything, even when I went down to the vendor's area. I fought as hard as I could. But it was too late. I had been hooked by something rare and beautiful: The Complete Batman 1966 Series.

You know how you see something so breathtaking and so one of a kind, sometimes you'll do what you have to do to get it? Yep, that's what happened to me and why I guess I now live in a new apartment. Blame On The Run Video.

Now, I don't want to use derogatory terms talking about these guys, but if you go to a convention like this there are vendors who usually have dvd's of shows that are in the crappiest of viewing conditions. Shows are sometimes taken from video tape that was recored from a VCR that's for shite. They're fuzzy, there's audio/video drop out and even the packaging is awful. Not this time with On The Run. I was quite surprised when they actually played a disc of one of the shows on a flat screen LCD TV amd I was quite impressed. The guy selling this thing was so use that mthis was the best looking version of the shows seen since they originally aired and proved it when the ABC Television bumpers from 1966 opened and closed the show. So impressed, that I bought it. I then took it back to were I was staying that weekend and watched it. I wrote to the company and even told them how happy I was. Just look for Sam J. from Savannah.

So, as it 's late here at the station and I am tired here is my public plea...

Warner, give Fox the DVD rights to Batman. Fox, do not screw this up for the fanboys, geeks and nerds out there. On The Run Video, keep doing what your doing and make me a Green Hornet DVD set annd The Lone Ranger cartoon from 1966 box set.Get this now, Dear Reader, if you can't wait for the dust up to clear, which I hope happens next year, which would kinda piss me off since I bought a dang near perfect copy with some kick-ass bonuses. One more thing here. Don't jusdge me for getting it, please. I'll bet that at least two of you want to watch this on an HDTV.

Cupid's Shotgun

I friggin' came this close to posting this thing "Sleeping with The Enemy". This truly, truly blows. Major chunks.

Look, she really ain't that bad looking a woman at all, hair up or down. The problem is that SHE IS IN THE RUNNING FOR THE VICE FREAKIN' PRESIDENCY. Other than that, she's just another hockey mom that I would go out with. Maybe because she looks like Tina Fey to me and I have a huge thing for her, I don't know. But this is wrong. SO wrong. It just ain't fair is all. I know that Democrats have hot women on their side: Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry. But this lady is a freakin' G.I.L.F.! Why did you raise the roof on SNL?

You are worthless, Alec Baldwin. You would make me look, wouldn't you?

Real Soul

I guess by now that most faithful readers know that I work in radio on a part-time basis and have done nearly every format known to man. The only problem is that most don't really know when I'm on the air and quite frankly, neither do I these days. However for those of you who wonder what kind of music I happen to take cotton to, now you have a chance to find out without me trying to sell you anything. I call it (what else) The Real Music Series. These are tunes that I have a particular liking to and I just thought I'd share them with you from time to time. First up, I'd thought I'd thought I would give you some old fashioned Soul music to listen to while sit back and read the blog today, including Sam Cooke, Aaron Neville, The Isley Brothers, Nina Simone, The Chi-Lites, The Dells and others. Now, some of these you will remember and some you won't. But I can promise that these are all good tunes and Sam approved. I hope you 'em and keep an eye out for others in the series soon.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore, R.I.P.

I'm ending today's round of posts on a sad note. Comic/poet/Blaxplotation king Rudy Ray Moore has passed. You may not know his real name, but folks from the Seventies knew him best as the Ever Lovin' Dolemite from the same named movie in 1974. I think he may have been one of the few, if the only best/worst action hero ever. The fight scenes in Dolemite were the cheesiest ever done, but you gotta hand it to a man who could "tell Friday not to hurry Saturday for Sunday". This man was badassed and so is the trailer, which of course is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS, WORK, OR STUCK UP WUSSIES.

Years ago, my friend Bobby Ruggerio and I sat down on a Saturday and had a Rudy Ray double feature where we saw "Disco Godfather" and the following film, "The Legend of Petey Wheatstraw" about a man who became the son-in-law of The Devil. I can't really describe the movie not because Bobby and I got drunk as hell watching it, but you just can't explain it. Just watch this scene and you'll understand. It's safe for work, but it has some weird looking guys made up as devils in leotards, so look out for that.

Finally, here's the bit that Rudy will be forever known for nthat he made famous in his chitlin' circuit days and beyond, The Signifyin' Monkey (not safe for work again). Have a laugh and remember that before Sam Jackson, there was no one more badder on movie screens Than Mister Rudy Ray Moore. Signify!

Pistol Packin' Mama

There's been enough talk about Sara Palin on SNL today, but there my thing. She read her lines perfectly off the teleprompter. My sweet bippy, people! Can't you all see that's how she's been doing the campaign for so long? Did everyone forget that she did weekend sports at a dinky little TV station years ago? Put anything in front of her and she'll read it, ala Ron Burgundy!

Although, I do have to agree with Alec Baldwin that up close, she did look kinda hot. Especially on that raise the roof thing during "Weekend Update".

There, I said it. I know you were waiting for me to say it, jerks. She's hittable. God forgive me.

My Stuff

I was and still am a huge fan of the late George Carlin. He always had a bit about something and nothing at the same time. His favorite bit to me was about stuff called "A Place For My Stuff". You can read the rest of it here, but George was dead on with his insight...

"That's all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That's all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn't have so much stuff, you wouldn't need a house. You could just walk around all the time. A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. You can see that when you're taking off in an airplane. You look down, you see everybody's got a little pile of stuff. All the little piles of stuff. "

Looking at my apartment living room, I have piles of stuff all over it.
Ever since the move last Monday, I've been going through boxes and bags, crates and totes of stuff and a lot of it. We are talking at least six years of stuff that has accumulated since my return to Savannah in 2002. Old Christmas cards, compact discs, restaurant coupons, numbers of women I would never call if I was sober, those kind of things. I never realise how those things after time stack up and take over your space. Before you know it, you've got magazines, old jeans, video tapes, a beat up old black and white TV you'd said you'd fix up years ago and then some. It's like a mountian of stuff you have in the corner of your house. It's Mt. Stuffy.
My problem is the fact that I am a collector. Sure, some folks would use the term "pack rat" or "horder", but those folks are different. With a collector, you can at least see part of the floor you're walking on. A "pack rat" is one of those women you see on Oprah with stuff packed to the ceilings of their neighbor's house. Those are the ones who saved the banana peels from the forst time they had breakfast the day that the Beatles performed on Ed Sullivan, then cry for Oprah to please help them clean their lives up, then Oprah gives them a new car. Okay, I should try that on Oprah.
But no, I am a collector. That means that everything must be together in a neat place and stored correctly as one day it may be worth something to someone. I do it for my comic books, most of my cd's and my dvd's. The rest just get chunked in a box like my old Hot Wheels and action figures, cassete tapes, cell phones that have gone out of style every six months and other stuff. It just piles and piles and there is really nothing you can do about it.
The past few days has been sitting down and going through every peice of stuff I have and trying to figure out is it worth keeping or worth throwing away. I can proudly say that my apartment is slowly going from a stuffy place to a place with space. The piles are getting smaller and smaller. If I need it, I'll move it to the closet. If not, to the dumpter it goes. As for you Greenies out there, there's noting much to recycle. Old magazines are going to a friend of mine at work, the old cell phones are being given to a local phone store in town and the clothes are going to Goodwill. So look that up and hug a tree.
The whole thing is kind of funny to me because it's the first time years I have even looked at most of the stuff, so why I even went through all the hassle of looking into it is interesting. But I would guess that the best way to figure out how you live in the future is looking back at your past and going from there. The moment I'm done with my old stuff, I hope that I'll be able to create a new, more expensive pile of stuff to stack up in my apartment. You know: HDTV, XBox 360, 250 gig laptop, espresso machine, a Roomba. Now that's the kind of stuff you want in your home.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Levi Stubbs, R.I.P.

Working in radio for years, at some point in time you wind up in your career playing some Four Tops on the air. I did for many years at Oldies 98.3 here in avannah and had a blast. There was something about Levi Stubbs powerful voice that set him apart from Marvin, Smokey and the other stars of Motown. There was this emotion from it that begged and pleaded with you to he needed your loving and had to have all of it. Sadly, the baritone has been silenced and we'll no longer have Levi Stubbs with us here physically, but his voice will forever live. So if Ivan doesn't mind, here's my favorite Four Tops tunes.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Dirty Laundry

Can I just say that I hate laundromats? Can't stand them whatsoever, really. I think that sometimes maybe the next Presidnet should find a way for every American to have a washer/dryer hookup in every home by 2010.

 Today I went to a laundromat across the street from the apartment, which is only thirty seconds away. However if you count a very busy highway as "away", then it's really like a minute. Now, I do have to say that the place wasn't too bad for what it was. It was very clean and everything seemed to be working well as it should. But when you're used to doing your loads in the privacy of your own home, you kind of get the icky feeling of someone looking over your shoulder while you fold your boxers. I won't lie to you, and you will admit to this as well. When you are at home and you throw the clothes into the washer, you will sometimes throw in that dirty shirt/pants that you happen to be wearing as well. AS it turns out, you can't do that in a public laundromat without getting attacked/leered/photographed/prayed over by someone there. Also, the TV there is on soaps the whole time and you can't change it without losing a hand.

Plus, I don't want folks to know what kind of clothes I have. I wear them everyday, but I don't want them to see what I wash and how. If I want to wash my wites and colors together, so be it. I don't need some busybody tell me, "My young man, you should use Duz! Duz gets the suds!" You also never want to leave your clothes around strangers, too. You walk away one minute and the next thing you know, some bozo could say, "Well, I don't wear size 42 jeans and extra large socks, but I'll try 'em anyways." There's something wrong there, folks.

Here's the other problem I have: I used two commercial washers because I thought it would be easier to wash them that way. Once they were done, I planned on using two dryers that I had staked out my putting my clothes buggy in front of. Once one load was done, I threw it into one of the dryers, then waited for ten minutes for the other washer to be done so I could get the next dryer prepared. While I waited however, I was thwarted by a couple who were also doing the same thing I there for and they took not only my clothes buggy but the dryer I had staked out. I quietly steamed but it was too hot in the building and I would have passed out, so I cooled down quickly. I mean, where is the laundromat ediqute?  Did they not see I put my mark on the dryer? Was I supposed to mark my territory like a wolf or something? Was Sam Johnson gonna have to smack somebody?

I am just going to face the fact that I am stuck with this laundromat no matter what. Since the aprtment is old and doen't have a hookup, I'll have to shlep my clothes there at least once a week if I want to look clean. I just need to remember three things the next time. One, wear clean clothes at the laundromat; two, bring a slingshot to keep folks away from your clothes; and three, bring lots and lots of quarters.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just one thing...

I'm watching the debate right now at work and all I know is this: Whomever this Joe the Plumber is, I sure as Hell bet he's gonna either get a lot of business and a Hell of a lot more ballbusting tomorrow.

Update Well, it's all over but the shouting and I have a feeling the shouting will go on long afterwards. McCain just seemed to be looking to put Obama down, especially on the Ayers/ACORN matters. The whole thing just seemed to be a bit boring like all the rest. Still, I wonder if Joe Six-Pack and the plumber guy are one in the same?

The Feud Is On!

Now that things are somewhat back regular with me, it's time to get back to business at the ol' RSJS. I'm reaching out today to fellow bloggers and site to please link to the site to let folks know that I am back in the game for the long haul and don't plan to give up at this point. However, there is one particular blogger out there that I would like to call out. Hence this photo above, cortesy of F.O.O.S. (Friend Of Ol' Sam) Tom Sutpen.

As most of you know from the past, I belong to a ragtag group of bloggers here in town called The League of Savannah Bloggers. I say "ragtag" because there isn't even an actual Leauge, yet I do claim good F.O.O.S Jen Steel (a wonderful lady I also work with) and this cat named Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. (the "G" stands for "Great Googly Moogly"). Now because I thought of the whole concept of a Leauge of Savannah Bloggers, I was El Presidente', which wasn't an easy job for me. After hard thought and prayer, I then decided to pass the torch down to Ivan whom I thought would do a much better job than I would. Then, Ivan decided to move to Athens, Georgia which is home of R.E.M. and The B-52's and leaving the League but holding on to the presidency. Well now, I want it back!


I don't mean to talk bad about Ivan, but he's the kinda guy that would leave you the last sip of Mountain Dew in the fridge, you get me?

He's the kinda guy that whistles the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" all day at work, dig?

I wouldn't say that he's old, but he just called John McCain a "whippersnapper".

There, that should start the "fued' off quite nicely here. i can't wait to see what Ivan does now. Heh-heh-heh...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forget Tina Fey...

She's a Skrull! I knew it! No wonder she has folks captivated. It's her alien charm.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alright, you're just freaking out now aren't you? "But I just left the page, how did I wind up on the same page again? Is this one of those time slip things? Am I gonna meet my future self?" Calm down and let me explain things.

I've been blogging now for five years and I've had a great time doing it. Since I started, I've been knocking around with a few templates here and there to get the right feel and look. Also, Blogger at the time didn't have the tols and gadgets I wanted to make my page look like I could be part of the big boys. Since then, they've updated their look to suit users who want things like video, photos, RSS feeds and more. By that time, I was working with a mess of an HTML and was starting to get fed up with the clutter. I couldn't read my own posts, to be honest.

Then the eveiction happened.

I knew that I needed to start over again after a long hard battle and after a good bit, I found a great place. It's smaller, it's cheaper and thank God/Budda/Muhammed/Pesci I got it. It just tells me that now is the time to start fresh. You made mistakes before and now is the time to regroup. Hence the revamp here.

I always did like the origingal name for the blog. After a bit of Googling, I found out that there are other Sam-a-ramas around and while there may be millions of Sam Johnsons in the world and beyond, there will only be one Real Sam Johnson and that one is me. The rest of you Sams can either take your cues from me or look it up and suck it because you didn't think of this first like you did when Gmail came about. That includes you, Represenative Johnson from Texas.

For those of you who know me and the blog, other than the look and the URL nothing has changed. I'll still be the same goofy, slightly uninformed boob I was before. To all the newbies who don't know about me, get ready to be either bored or excited. I don't have internet installed yet but will do so as soon and my roommate moves in (more on that at a later time), so you can expect posts here every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays till further notice. Also, archives of the old blog have been moved here so readers won't have to miss a beat, from The RSJS Beauty Pagent to National Gorilla Suit Day to Goth Girl Blog Day. You can even subcribe to the blog via RSS so I can go everywhere with you now, which is kinda irritating if you think about me hanging around all the time.

Other than that, that's it. Sam-a-rama will stay up until the end of the year and then, POOF! it's history, so fellow bloggers and other sites please PLEASE make note of it on your blogrolls. It's time I got rid of the mess of the past and look forward to a new beginning in my life and it starts now. As for the blog, I've said it before and I'll say it again, especially to all the other Sam Johnsons out there:

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Change Is Gonna Come

Ummm, yeah. It looks different, I know. I figured with all the craziness of past, I'd feel better if I changed the page here. I needed it. IT needed it.

I'll give you the short version: I have found a new home and it is very nice and VERY CHEAP. For the first time in a good while, I'll actually be able to save a few dollars for, say, bills.

To everyone who cared and to all concerned, thanks. I'll tell you more hopefully on Monday.

Oh, and I'm not done with the new look yet.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Rally 'Round The Flag

You know, none of the events of the entire week wouldn't be so bad if my sinuses weren't running like Wile E. Coyote down Route 66. I hate my nose right now and everything around it. The last thing I need is to go to some prospective new place and I look like a running faucet while sneezing all over the place.

Despite the jokes, it really has been a tough week but I'm going on. With the help of my brother Anthony, we've found a few places that could take me in here in town. However, the good ones that will have to have a credit check and criminal background to accept me. Now that the eviction notice has gone though, I've been screwed twice. That means that I will have to find other, lower end places and Anthony would have to sign in his name. I have seventy-two hours until the disposession takes place, so we're moving everything tomorrow and Sunday to his garage. We'll see what happens from there.

I also received a donation in my Pay Pal tip jar from someone who's name I'm not sure I should say here or not. I truly wasn't expecting it and did not ask, but I guess if you have a Pay Pal button on your blog, at some point someone's going to come along and put something in here other than gum. To that person, I say God/Budda/Muhammed/Pesci bless you for your help and I am forever in to debt as much as I am the landlords. If anyone wishes to make a donation, then by all means please use the Button on the right of your screen. If you don't (and I understand if you don't), then do me this favor:

I know that the Amercian economy is more screwed up as a fourteen year old girl when it comes to dating and the President has signed off on the bailout. Times are hard for everyone except that elite 10%. The disabled and elderly with fixed incomes may be getting the worst of the pain and suffering that Americans feel. To that I say please help them in this time of need. Whether they're friend or family, those are the ones that may need the most support. Hug your child, kiss your spouse and most importantly, keep fighting. Don't let the bastards keep you down no matter what they do to you. Thanks for your time and friendship and I'll talk to you all soon.