Sunday, October 26, 2008

Real Southern Comfort

There's a few things that make the South THE South. Good cooking, the ladies, great weather and that ol' Southern charm. But the biggest thing, at least here is Savannah, is what do you drink. Now there are the ones who love a good beer or a Jack and Coke. Then there's the others who prefer to sip on a nice sweet tea. Here in the South, we don't drink iced tea. We drink sweet tea and we like it. If you drink unsweeted, either you want to make it as sweet as you want it or a diabetic and that's that. So when I read in the loacal paper that there's a new beverage that combines vodka with our favorite pastime, I knew that I had to try Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

First let me say that I shouldn't be drinking in the first place due to my kidney problem, but when you work in a bar sometimes a little sip won't hurt you. Well, this stuff will hurt you. A fried brought in a bottle of Sweet Tea Vodka last week to Steed's after a trip to South Carolina (the distillery is right outside of Charleston) for his upcoming birthday party. He decided to give it (pardon) a shot and told Gina the bartender to make up a round for some of the folks in a bar. Now, there's am way to drink this that makes it dangerous. Simply mix one half of the drink with one half water and a twist of lemon and pour over ice and serve. That's all you do. Just over ice itself, one can taste the sweet tea, but get that vodka burn you feel afterwards. However if done them other way, you wouldn't even know that you have a drink with 70 proof vodka. We all smiled afterwards.

You could pour this drink in a McDonald's cup, go off to work after lunch and no one would know the wiser. It's the kind of drink that you couldm sit out on the front porch and sip on all day and almost anyone would know that you had a good vodka buzz going on. It was so good in fact, that another round was poured. Don't you judge me. That stuff was gooooood.

All I'm saying is if you really want to find out how The South really lives or you want to live like a Savannian, hunt down a bottle of this stuff, then sit back and relax and let the Southern charm just take you over. Just don't overdo it.

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