Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get A Leg Up

I guess that's it for me for a good while here. Tomorrow, I go into surgery on my left leg, plus dialysis afterwards, and finally home later that night. From there, I'll be laid up in bed stoned to the gourd from all the drugs they give me for at least three or four days. What this means is I won't see anyone until maybe Monday evening, e.s.t.. By then, I should be able to let you all know how it turned out. However, if you'd like to find out sooner, you can give me a call, that is if you have my phone number and that's only after Thursday night. I plan on being stoned from Perkodan and eating crock pot chili on my pj's. Say a prayer to Peshi for me and I hope to talk to you all sooner than later!


SwanShadow said...

Best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, Sam. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

HouseT said...

Good luck and best wishes on a fast recovery. Of course, I'd probably rethink that whole "get crazy stoned and eat chili" part of it. But hey, it's your life. Live the adventure.

Anonymous said...

Do I have your correct number? If I do, I'll call... :)