Friday, December 05, 2008

They Got Him

I guess by now you all heard the news: The "real killers" still haven't been found and The Juice has decided to go undercover in jail to find them. It may take him a few years to get to 'em, but he's working on it.

It goes to say that America's most notorious celebrity/murderer will finally be admitted into the Graybar Hotel with all it's amenities for at least nine years and many folks are happy to see him finally getting what he deserves. If you may be wondering, I think it's time he spent time in jail, too. Despite what some may say, so are other Blacks out there. The first time he nearly went, Blacks were happy just for the fact that it truly showed that if you had enough money, you can get away with anything, scott free. On the inside however, we knew the muthaf**** did it.

I remember the day the first verdict came out. I just happened to be on the air that afternoon on Oldies 98.3. Back then kiddies, the O.J. Trial was the biggest thing to hit television in 1994 and 1995 from the Big Chase all the way down to the jury shilling their books on Good Morning America. Everyone was talking about what Judge Ito was wearing under his robe that day, was Marcia Clark sleeping with F.Lee Bailey and just what would Johnnie Cochran say today that sounded cool. So when the verdict came in, everybody saw it go down and the reaction from White and Black America was split down the middle. I think you can tell that it wasn't pretty.

So while the word comes down that O.J. is innocent, I debate whether or not to say anything on the air about it. In the end, I didn't say a word about it. For the first reason, I was the program director of the station at the time and I thought it would be a bit of a buzz kill to come out of "I'm a Believer" and let listeners know what happened. Second, because I thought the verdict was so controversial that the station, which truthfully had its key demographic listeners at Whites 25 to 54, would have folks calling us day and night about how angry they were that a killer was set free. Say what you will, but I did it for the best of the station and I stand by my decision. There was enough talk about what had been going on on television, the news and other radio stations. I wanted to get away from all that crap and just play music. After all, I had nothing to do with what happened in the begininng in the first place.

Cut to 2004 when I finally get to shake hands with the man. I had nothing against him then. By this time, he's living off his Naked Gun residuals, playing golf and coming to Savannah for a "Gin and Juice" party. As soon as he walked into Wet Willies that night, you could see polarization quickly. You also saw a celebrity/killer also, which is something that doesn't really happen everyday. It was an amazing sight, me and O.J. talking for a brief moment in the bar and folks just looking as though they should hide. But I still got that look in eyes that I got whenever I saw my dad when I was younger. That just told me that this muthaf**** did the crime, no matter how much bulls****he gives you.

And now, O.J. Simpson is off the streets. There may be no "Free O.J." t-shirts available this time, no protesters outside the courtroom screaming racial injustice, no reporters or networks with twenty-four hour coverage of what O.J. must be doing at this hour. No A.C., no Kato, no Furman, nothing. Just a criminal who will finally be put in jail and hopefully will realize what his actions has brought him in the last few years. Maybe now he'll know what the rest of us, all of us knew the first time.

That muthaf**** did it


Anonymous said...

Nice post Sam. From now on the only "Free O.J." sign I want to see is the one at the Florida Welcome Center on I-95.

HouseT said...

Wait. There's free juice at the Welcome Center? A road trip is in order.

I'm sure the sentencing today fell into the category of "things we saw coming from a mile away." I kinda checked it out because I just happened to be at home, but it didn't really even hold my interest. That's how little I care about the man at this point. But to be fair, I never really cared about the man much to begin with.

SwanShadow said...

Wouldn't it be ironic if the real killers ended up in that same Nevada prison, and they and the Juice shiv each other to death one day in the exercise yard?