Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Tiger Ridge Christmas

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working in radio with a guy named Chris Borkin who worked on the classic rock station here in town under the alias "Caveman". Chris was opinionated guy on the air, which to me was a breath of fresh air at the station, whether it be talking about how wonderful the North was (he was from Connecticut, by the way)  and how backwards everything was here. He got the listeners riled up and did pretty well in the ratings as folks wondered just what he'd say next.

His biggest thing to bust chops of was about a little place named Tiger Ridge. When I say small, I mean "S-M-all, small.". It's just 30 minutes outside of Savannah near Effingham County and really just a a community of single trailers and people. I will say that there has been some rumors about the place that involve such things as murder, inbreeding and carny folks. Whether it's true or not, no one says for sure. There is one true thing that stand out about the place. During Christmas time, the trailers are covered with lights and plastic Santa's and snowmen all the over the yards. The mystery of Tiger Ridge and the decorations intrigued Caveman and it was decided that a road trip must be taken to find fact from fiction.

Last year around this time, Cavey (as we called him) made the trek to Tiger Ridge with video camera and a witness in tow. By then, he had quit the business and went back to Connecticut, but the place still haunted him after he had left. I would have gone, but I wound up stuck at work which was a good thing as I would find out from this video. I will say that the clip is about eighteen minutes long, with half of it showing the lights of Tiger Ridge. The other half is ironically hilarious as Caveman and has to hide the camera from the town/trailer folk who thought that, one, he was the F.B.I;  and two, there was a Black person with them. Happy holidays, Tiger Ridge. May all your Christmases be, well, whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you used my real name...that's like telling the Red Skull that Captain America is Steve Rogers...I guess I shouldn't worry too much. I don't think Tiger Ridge "folk" can read so they won't be able to figure out where I live.

I did "pretty well" in the ratings? Ouch.