Friday, March 20, 2009

I Am A Quitter

I'm sitting here in one of the classrooms here at South University today posting this with the laptop I use for my karaoke gig. It's nice to just sit back in the peace and quiet and write for me. I'm not surrounded at home by distractions like, say a television. Alhthough, now I will have more time to sit back in my busted recliner and catch up with the daily adventures of Victor Newman. Is that guy even still on the soaps?

At effectively 6:15 P.M. on Wednesday, March 18th, I gave electronic key and the finger to (and let's give it up for) the management at Cumulus Radio. It turns out that after so many years of learning how to maintain a steady workplace, some people didn't stick around for the class about how to communicate with employees. They decided to go to the snack bar for free donuts. Others decided to just eat all the donuts and screw the classes all together.

When you're faced with an economy where unenployment is at an all time low, there can be be some worry at the workplace when a person wonders if his or her job is in jeopardy. Will they be able to take care of their loved ones properly or could they lose it all and face the dark, cold world with nothing but the shirts on their backs and only their pride. Some seem not to care if it's the other guy who loses, so long as they can pay their bills and live the life that they're used to. This, to me feels to be the consperiacy theory that I came up with for the person or persons involved with me quitting.

Then again, what the Hell do I care? I'M FREE! NO MORE RADIO! WHEE!!!

Look, it's been twenty-five years of this. Of the groupies, the free swag, the parties, shaking hands with slimey record reps, getting the shaft from co-workers.

Noticed how it all went from good to bad over time.

I really did have a blast doing the thing I loved so much. I know folks who tried to set out to do the one thing they love only to see them putting it on the shelf so they can handle the bastards out in the real world, which is sush a shame. I got blessed by the age of sixteen to get out of my old man's evil shadow and take the microphone and I never looked back. I went from music format to music format over time and learned how to be the best broadcaster out there, working late nights, weekends, whatever. I went from meeting my college sweetheart to getting gypped into marrying her into finding out she was leaving me. From near death and back, I stuck to radio. And I wouldn't change one damn thing.

I met some incredible people along the way. Good, bad, and just plain ass. It changed the way that I will ever see life. Good times, people. Now, the party's over. Good night, Irene. Turn off the Ramones and power down the tower. It's time to end our broadcast.

As for what will I do now that I'm unemployed? Well, I have a paper that's due to Dr. Stanton in my Composition III class. I have a final to study for Torts and Reforms. I have an appointment to see my trainer at the gym next week for my Cardio so I can lose the weight so I can do a transplant soon. I have a life to live.

I also have a blog to keep up with and friends to hug. Those two things are the ones that I can finally look forward to in these new times.

Goodbye, you dark cloud of a radio company. I wish you success in the future, but I don't think you truly have "magic" I thought you once did back in the day.

Pray that I never get a phone call for what radio station I listen to. XM, just in case you wondered.


HouseT said...

Alhthough, now I will have more time to sit back in my busted recliner and catch up with the daily adventures of Victor Newman. Is that guy even still on the soaps?

Dude! Victor is totally still there. He just got his son Adam out of prison because he has his dead mother Eve's degenerative eye disease so he might be going blind. But Victor only did it because Ashley asked him to, and she was probably feeling sentimental about family since she's having Victor's baby and...

It occurs to me after the fact that your question might have been rhetorical. I am totally not completely up to speed on all of that stuff.

But it's good to hear that you sound like you have a handle on things. Hopefully that's more having details worked out and less just being happy to be out from under a bad situation.

Sam said...

Dude. The fact that you now about The Young and The Restless continuity as much as Spider-Man worries me. Really.