Monday, March 02, 2009

My Secret Life

When you write something like a blog that can be read by MILLIONS (that's Wally Millions, my shoe cobbler), folks expect you to talk about the things that happen in your day to day world, from the time you wake up to the time you head off to sleep. It you are that kind of blogger who talks about the mundane or you're the one who craves mundane lives then bless you, my child. I can't deal with that stuff. I want to hear more about the more juicy stuff. People don't pick up the National Enquirer to hear about how Lindsey Lohan ate a peanut butter sandwich or the day that Jessica Simpson shopped at the pharmacy. Actually, people do and those people are nuts, so let's forget that example.

Folks who have come to read the RSJS over time have known for me to be an open book. I've talked about everything from my childhood to my horrible dating life to my kidney failure to my joy of a good slushie. I truly have nothing to hide from. I do my taxes, I've never abused drugs, and once a year I drop something in the bucket for the Salvation Army. I stay as honest and as true to this site as much as I can and I think that there are folks who can appreciate that.

There are there things however in my life that I don't wish to talk about. Yes, I have my little "skeletons" laying in a deep, dark grave that I never talk about here or publicly because I don't wish to bring them up. Trust me, everyone has some kind of bad or strange thing that they don't wish to bring up at all. Eddie Murphy said it best in his stand up flick, Raw: Sometimes, a bone could fly out of your mouth.

Then again, there's the good things that I don't talk about here as well. It's not as if I should bring those up, but sometimes I feel as though I've done my good deed for the day and there's no need to bring it up. All I can say is that I'm a nice guy, I'm kind to dogs and I guess I'm the most optimistic, sometimes most naieve (to a fault) person I know. Karma knows me better than Earl Hickey, or at least I hope she does.

Lastly, there's the problem of time, as in trying to find the time to post something important. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to be a part of South University's Black History Month celebration by doing a reading of Bill Cosby's classic "Chocolate Cake" bit from Bill Cosby: Himself. Most would scratch their heads in wonder why anyone would even take the chance of doing a comedy bit for Black History Month,l but I thought it would lighten things just a bit. The folks who were there thought it was perfect and laughed all the way through. I really would have mentioned it here earlier, but the constraint of life held me back from bringing it up. Also, I'd forgotten to bring it up because I was busy doing something else. To Dr. H., I'm sorry I didn't say it sooner and I'll try not to do that again if I'm ever doing a public event.

The thing about secrets is you can keep them to yourself until the day you die or if it's just too much to keep to yourself, you can share them people you trust. I've been writing now for over five years, so I guess that I must be comfortable enough to put my world out there for everyone to see. Let's just keep today's entry between us pals and if you tell anyone I said so, I'll throttle you.

Today's post is dedicated to Mr. Paul Harvey, the greatest radio newsman ever. Good Day!


faustina said...

Well, shoot! I was led to believe you were going to allow a bone out of your mouth... and I got nothin'. Good blog, though!

Anonymous said...

This goes into your pending book, right?

I think the "chocolate cake" routine is most appropriate for a Black History program. It is about a real family doing something fun, which flies in the face of all the stereotypes. Besides, I bet you did it proud. Did someone tape it for you?

Anonymous said...

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