Sunday, March 08, 2009

Well, did you watch "Watchmen"?

I did. I thought it was just like the book. Thank God I don't have working kidneys so I could see almost all three hours of it.


HouseT said...

My kidneys made it through jsut fine, although I'd just as soon not subject them to that anymore.

I thought it was very true to the book, too, although I didn't bother rereading it before I went to see it. What changes there were just made the story seem to mesh better as far as I'm concerned.

A Friend said...

Finally got to see it legitimately and my kidneys were screaming by the end. But get up? HAAAAAAAAAAAAELL, NO! Loved every minute of it and will be buying the deluxe edition Blu-Ray with DVD package when it comes out. I was so happy it was not frakked up by some hack trying to "make it better".